Clydebank High School Climate Hero Journey with NMIS

Clydebank High School Climate Hero Journey with NMIS

One of our Climate Heroes, Rachel Moir, Head of Skills at the Manufacturing Skills Academy, was matched to Clydebank High School and spent time in the school working with S3 Geography pupils. 

Rachel has been supporting Clydebank High School's climate leaders and Eco School pupils in moving forward with their COP26 legacy to reduce waste in the school.

Rachel delivered a four-week skills based program developing Employability Skills, with a focus on the future of jobs in Scotland within the Renewable and Green Sectors.

Staff at the school said, "Rachel has been brilliant at offering her experience in waste management and her skills in leading change. The pupils are currently working on a Waste Audit. This will help them to discover how much waste is being produced across the school and the type of waste. Our next step will be to look at solutions to reduce this waste".

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