#NoWrongPath Returns for 2020

#NoWrongPath Returns for 2020

The annual #NoWrongPath campaign grows from strength to strength every year. We were delighted to collaborate with big names such as NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde, Doosan Babcock, NMIS and more! We're determined to bring inspiring stories from industry professionals every year on the week of exam results. These individuals are a testament to the fact that your exam results aren't the defining factor in your future career. While it would be preferable to get the results you're looking for, you can still achieve your career goals no matter the circumstance. Visit https://www.nowrongpath.scot/ for more information.

Don't just take our word for it, hear from them yourselves:

Andrew Bowman | DYW West Chair

Andrew Bowman took an unconventional path to success. Listen to him talk about his experiences running his own business, dipping in and out of university and more!

Andrew Colquhoun | Doosan Babcock CEO

Andrew Colquhoun worked his way up from apprentice to CEO of a global company and won the ROCCO's Business Leader of the Year Award in 2019. Listen to the story of how he rose to the top at Doosan Babcock.

Mandy Holley | NHS Health Visitor

Mandy is a Health Visitor with the NHS and her story is of a path less travelled, but she managed to find success and was able to use her life experiences to get to where she is today.

Philip Briscoe | European Circuits Ltd Sales Manager

Philip's sales journey started 25 years ago, but it wasn't what he expected to be doing in his career. Find out how he arrived at his current role at European Circuits.

Stewart McKinlay | NMIS Associate Director

Stewart's dreams of becoming a pilot were dashed when he found out he was short-sighted. Find out how he faired at university and his journey towards becoming the Associate Director at NMIS (National Manufacturing Institution Scotland).

We'd like to extend our thanks to everyone who contributed this year, DYW as a whole are extremely grateful for the number of people who got involved. Until next year!